Mark Knight & Adrian Hour feat Indiana - Dance On My Heart

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Available Now on Beatport: One year on from Toolroom`s #RESET campaign and Mark Knight & Adrian Hour are already a formidable duo in electronic music with their productions ringing around clubland for a solid year. Now they’re back with another work of equal scale, but different impact. `Dance On My Heart` is a big track geared for big room floors. A deep, driving bass-line gives the track a relentless and hypnotic energy, while ethereal and melodic elements captivate the lis-tener. Indiana`s sadistic, yet subtle vocal adds a depth to the record that is the antidote to the tracks dark and euphoric nature. Make no mistake, this is a true statement record that commands attention from the outset. ‘Dance On My Heart` began in Buenos Aires when Adrian was working on something that he lik-ened to ‘She’, one of his first productions on Toolroom. A melodic record that transcends typical club tracks and invites the listener to a different place, to feel the record as well as hear it. As soon as Mark heard it, the 2 joined forces and the dub was born. The duo then hit a roadblock and felt there was something missing, until they encountered Indiana’s unmistakable vocals and knew this was the missing piece of the puzzle. Indiana heard the track and felt a connection to it almost immediately, the final product then came to fruition within a 2 hour vocal session and ‘Dance On My Heart’ was born. Our favourite duo return with their finest work to date and it’s an honour for the vocal delights of Indiana to grace the label for the first time. ‘Dance On My Heart’ is testament to what these 2 producers can achieve together and the future looks bright for the head honcho and Argentina’s fastest rising talent. Video by DOSED: Special thanks to Mike Harvey & Jasper Brown